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Adrianna Super Family [36 Fonts]

Adrianna Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Adrianna Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Adrianna is a fashionable yet restrained sans-serif font family for sophisticated designs. It’s a smart and versatile family of fonts, comprised of 30 styles across a range of three widths. The Regular width is a plain and clear heavy-lifting font. The Extended variety is meant to look good on HDTV and other modern wide output media. And the proportions of the Condensed makes it looks especially good when seen on a smartphone.

It’s a legible and direct type family. Ranging in 5 weights (plus italics) from Light to Extrabold in each width style, Adrianna has enough flavors to allow the finicky designer a broad typographic palette to work with.

Inspired by the great sans serif fonts of the 20th century, Chank challenged himself to create a technical font family that is considerably more conservative than his signature display faces. As a quality control for this new direction, he solicited expert advice from award-winning type & design experts. Working from their critiques, Adrianna has been in development for almost 10 years now. The result is a competent, charming new “invisible” sans for the new media of the new century.

OpenType versions have a few bells and baubles, like some smallcaps and ornamental alternates. Purchase it from MyFonts and you’ll get TrueType format in your download as well.

Also available as web type, too, of course.

Fonts Included (.TTF):

Adrianna Bold
Adrianna Bold Italic
Adrianna Cond
Adrianna Cond Bold
Adrianna Cond Bold Italic
Adrianna Cond DemiBold
Adrianna Cond DemiBold Italic
Adrianna Cond ExtraBold
Adrianna Cond ExtraBold Italic
Adrianna Cond Italic
Adrianna Cond Light
Adrianna Cond Light Italic
Adrianna Cond Thin
Adrianna Cond Thin Italic
Adrianna DemiBold
Adrianna DemiBold Italic
Adrianna Extd
Adrianna Extd Bold
Adrianna Extd Bold Italic
Adrianna Extd DemiBold
Adrianna Extd DemiBold Italic
Adrianna Extd ExtraBold
Adrianna Extd ExtraBold Italic
Adrianna Extd Italic
Adrianna Extd Light
Adrianna Extd Light Italic
Adrianna Extd Thin
Adrianna Extd Thin Italic
Adrianna ExtraBold
Adrianna ExtraBold Italic
Adrianna Italic
Adrianna Light
Adrianna Light Italic
Adrianna Regular
Adrianna Thin
Adrianna Thin Italic


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Adrianna Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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