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Aestetico Super Family [54 Fonts]

Aestetico Super Family [54 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

This beautiful font explores 3 very individual styles of one typeface. Each style pays homage to classic sans serif typefaces while adding contemporary flair to its characteristics. With both formal and informal styles, Aestetico explores how the shapes and curves of letters change their perception and focus. The informal letters are rounder and more quirky while the formal style utilizes more traditional sans serif letterforms. The whole set (54 styles) consists of 3 sister families, each in 9 weights with matching italics.

The 3 variants ensure every design project is covered by Aestetico; its versatile nature is perfect for a huge variety of applications from editorial design to branding, advertising, publications and digital.

As you would expect from Latinotype, this font comes with a standard character set (395 glyphs) and supports over 200 languages.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Aestetico Black
Aestetico Black Italic
Aestetico Bold
Aestetico Bold Italic
Aestetico Extra Bold
Aestetico Extra Bold Italic
Aestetico Extra Light
Aestetico Extra Light Italic
Aestetico Formal Black
Aestetico Formal Black Italic
Aestetico Formal Bold
Aestetico Formal Bold Italic
Aestetico Formal Extra Bold
Aestetico Formal Extra Bold Italic
Aestetico Formal Extra Light
Aestetico Formal Extra Light Italic
Aestetico Formal Light
Aestetico Formal Light Italic
Aestetico Formal Medium
Aestetico Formal Medium Italic
Aestetico Formal Regular
Aestetico Formal Regular Italic
Aestetico Formal Semi Bold
Aestetico Formal Semi Bold Italic
Aestetico Formal Thin
Aestetico Formal Thin Italic
Aestetico Informal Black
Aestetico Informal Black Italic
Aestetico Informal Bold
Aestetico Informal Bold Italic
Aestetico Informal Extra Bold
Aestetico Informal Extra Bold Italic
Aestetico Informal Extra Light
Aestetico Informal Extra Light Italic
Aestetico Informal Light
Aestetico Informal Light Italic
Aestetico Informal Medium
Aestetico Informal Medium Italic
Aestetico Informal Regular
Aestetico Informal Regular Italic
Aestetico Informal Semi Bold
Aestetico Informal Semi Bold Italic
Aestetico Informal Thin
Aestetico Informal Thin Italic
Aestetico Light
Aestetico Light Italic
Aestetico Medium
Aestetico Medium Italic
Aestetico Regular
Aestetico Regular Italic
Aestetico Semi Bold
Aestetico Semi Bold Italic
Aestetico Thin
Aestetico Thin Italic


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Aestetico Super Family [54 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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