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Aesthet [4 Fonts]

Aesthet [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Aesthet [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Aesthet is a sans serif type family of 4 weights. Based on the personal experience of rural living, Aesthet is a reflection to embrace simple, community and nature inspired lifestyle. The idea created during experimental exploration demonstrates the evolutionary transition between the handmade and conventional typeface. The challenge of retaining natural essence of the individual approach on one hand and producing a functional text based font on the other was the driving force behind the design process. Initial drafts of Aesthet were made using ink and brush technique.

From the original drawings, the design was then further refined by hand. The final result was translated into digital format, resulting in a legible and distinctive typeface. Aesthet was designed to stand out in larger sizes, making it an attractive choice for headlines. At the same time, the exaggerated details appear less prominent in smaller sizes, retaining the text quality of the font.

Fonts Included:

Aesthet Bold
Aesthet Regular
Aesthet Regular 2
Aesthet Regular 3


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