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Agrandir Super Family [35 Fonts]

Agrandir Super Family [35 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Agrandir Super Family [35 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Agrandir is a contemporary serifless type family based on geometric yet humanized and imperfected shapes.

The typeface consist of 42 fonts: 7 weights × 6 widths, from very thin and narrow to extremely black and oversizely wide. There’s a fairly good number of OpenType stylistic alternatives in Agrandir, which can be turned on individually or as style sets: Default (Mixed), Grotesk, Humanist and Geometric. Another feature of this type family is fixed-weight elements, such as diacritical marks, some punctuation and math symbols – those stay thin even in bold fonts, adding some contrast and modern look.

This huge type family is suitable for anything: logotypes, posters, editorial design, web design, body text, headlines and so on.

Agrandir’s smart naming system makes it easy to use. In addition to usual font names, you’ll find a letter-digit system: 1-Thin, 2-Light, 3-Regular, 4-Medium, 5-Bold, 6-Heavy, 7-Black; A-Narrow, B-Semi Narrow, C-Normal, D-Wide, E-Extra Wide, F-Oversized. Once you get how the system works, it’s intuitive to use just by typing “D6” (or whatever) in the font menu instead of scrolling through the whole list.

Agrandir supports 192 latin-based languages7+

Fonts Included (.OTF & .TTF):

Agrandir Black
Agrandir Bold
Agrandir Grand
Agrandir GrandBlack
Agrandir GrandBold
Agrandir GrandHeavy
Agrandir GrandLight
Agrandir GrandMedium
Agrandir GrandThin
Agrandir Heavy
Agrandir Light
Agrandir Medium
Agrandir Narrow
Agrandir NarrowBlack
Agrandir NarrowBold
Agrandir NarrowHeavy
Agrandir NarrowLight
Agrandir NarrowMedium
Agrandir NarrowThin
Agrandir Regular
Agrandir Thin
Agrandir Tight
Agrandir TightBlack
Agrandir TightBold
Agrandir TightHeavy
Agrandir TightLight
Agrandir TightMedium
Agrandir TightThin
Agrandir Wide
Agrandir WideBlack
Agrandir WideBold
Agrandir WideHeavy
Agrandir WideLight
Agrandir WideMedium
Agrandir WideThin


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Agrandir Super Family [35 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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