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Albollon [4 Fonts]

Albollon [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

In the last years our society has change a lot. Nowadays cities and countries are no longer static territories with well-drawn borders and a population perfectly defined. Globalization is a fact and the best consequence of it is the mixture of races, ideas and cultures, and this is exactly what this typography aims to show. Albollón is at once a semi-serif and a semi-sans serif typeface; it is a mixture made with the best parts from both sides. This way is how I understand a healthy society and a healthy design too.

Albollón is designed to work in all types of text, both long and shorts, big and small ones.

Fonts Included:

Albollon Regular
Albollon Regular italic
Albollon Bold
Albollon Bold Italic


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