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Alonzo Condensed Super Family [12 Fonts]

Alonzo Condensed Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Alonzo Condensed:

Alonzo is a modern cosmopolitan who speaks several languages fluently. Alonzo comes in six weights and two widths, as well as corresponding italics, making a total 24 styles.

Alonzo is an elegant, simplistic, high-contrast sans that is at home in high-end fashion and cultural environments, as well as in the world of restaurants and nightclubs.

While Alonzo Condensed is more illustrative and works best in display use, headlines, logotypes, labels and all that, Alonzo Regular works in a wider range of contexts, from body text to editorial and catalogs and more.

Alonzo is equipped with several OpenType features such as oldstyle figures, small caps, Standard Ligatures, Superior and Inferior Figures. In addition Alonzo has Stylistic Alternate lowercase “a” with round Bowl.

Me llamo Alonzo. Mucho gusto, piacere di conoscerti, nice to meet you!

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. Alonzo Condensed Bold
  2. Alonzo Condensed Bold Italic
  3. Alonzo Condensed Extrabold
  4. Alonzo Condensed Extrabold Italic
  5. Alonzo Condensed Extralight
  6. Alonzo Condensed Extralight Italic
  7. Alonzo Condensed Light
  8. Alonzo Condensed Light Italic
  9. Alonzo Condensed Medium
  10. Alonzo Condensed Medium Italic
  11. Alonzo Condensed Regular
  12. Alonzo Condensed Regular Italic

Normal Price:

– – – > Alonzo Condensed is a Super Family that normally costs $100 to purchase < – – –

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Alonzo Condensed Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Alonzo Condensed


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