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Alpenglueck [1 Font]

Alpenglueck [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

Alpenglueck [1 Font] | The Fonts Master

by Laura Heidi in Fonts Script

“Alpenglück” is a well balanced, yet naturally flowing brush font inspired by my grandfathers pictures of the Tyrolean Alps in the 1950s. That’s where the name originates from: “Alpine Happiness” or more general “Mountain Happiness”. It’s this unique feeling of joy, peace and awe you experience when standing on a mountain peak, solely surrounded by nature and happily exhausted from the way up.

The name also triggers the nostalgic sentiments of a long bygone era of alpine pioneers. It’s the colors and the light, the cozy mountain huts and true friendship that wrap you up in a soft blanket of “Alpenglück”.

I hope all these positive vibes transfer to the products you are going to make with “Alpenglück”. Whether it’s a wedding invitation, a branding project or maybe even a love letter to someone special. I would be super stoked to see what you are creating with “Alpenglück”. Just use #madewithalpenglueck to let me know :)


“Alpenglück” has multilingual support. Please refer to the preview images to see all the glyphs included. (And a short side note to buyers from German speaking buyers: German is my first language, so the font is extensively tested in German as well.)

Since the font best works as an OTF, that’s the only file-format included. This means you can use it in all programs supporting open type features (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop). (No Word or PowerPoint – sorry!)

Oh, and a useful tip: If the alternate letters do not automatically appear, try to uncheck and check the OTF-features in your program. Especially Photoshop sometimes needs you to turn the features off and on again. But they are definitely there.

I included a smiley in the font (as you might have noticed in the preview images). You can access it by typing “^” plus “space bar”. It’s just the way I would write a card or short message to a friend. I almost always add a smiley. So it had to be part of the font. :)

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