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Alright v2 Super Family [64 Fonts]

Alright V2 Super Family [64 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Alright V2 Super Family [64 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Alright v2 is a revised and expanded version of Alright Sans. It balances the warmth and approachability of a humanist sans with the no-nonsense simplicity of a neo-grotesk. The result is a versatile workhorse with an unassuming warmth and approachability. Alright is professional, but not pretentious. A large range of weights, widths, language support, and OpenType features make it an excellent go-to option for everyday typographic work.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Alright Compressed Black
Alright Compressed Black Italic
Alright Compressed Bold
Alright Compressed Bold Italic
Alright Compressed ExThin
Alright Compressed ExThin Italic
Alright Compressed Light
Alright Compressed Light Italic
Alright Compressed Medium
Alright Compressed Medium Italic
Alright Compressed Regular
Alright Compressed Regular Italic
Alright Compressed Thin
Alright Compressed Thin Italic
Alright Compressed Ultra
Alright Compressed Ultra Italic
Alright Condensed Black
Alright Condensed Black Italic
Alright Condensed Bold
Alright Condensed Bold Italic
Alright Condensed ExThin
Alright Condensed ExThin Italic
Alright Condensed Light
Alright Condensed Light Italic
Alright Condensed Medium
Alright Condensed Medium Italic
Alright Condensed Regular
Alright Condensed Regular Italic
Alright Condensed Thin
Alright Condensed Thin Italic
Alright Condensed Ultra
Alright Condensed Ultra Italic
Alright Narrow Black
Alright Narrow Black Italic
Alright Narrow Bold
Alright Narrow Bold Italic
Alright Narrow ExThin
Alright Narrow ExThin Italic
Alright Narrow Light
Alright Narrow Light Italic
Alright Narrow Medium
Alright Narrow Medium Italic
Alright Narrow Regular
Alright Narrow Regular Italic
Alright Narrow Thin
Alright Narrow Thin Italic
Alright Narrow Ultra
Alright Narrow Ultra Italic
Alright Normal Black
Alright Normal Black Italic
Alright Normal Bold
Alright Normal Bold Italic
Alright Normal ExThin
Alright Normal ExThin Italic
Alright Normal Light
Alright Normal Light Italic
Alright Normal Medium
Alright Normal Medium Italic
Alright Normal Regular
Alright Normal Regular Italic
Alright Normal Thin
Alright Normal Thin Italic
Alright Normal Ultra
Alright Normal Ultra Italic


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Alright V2 Super Family [64 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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