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ALS Hauss Super Family [17 Fonts]

Als Hauss Super Family [17 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Hauss is a universal variable neo-grotesque typeface. It’s a low-contrast closed face with slightly dynamic proportions. It can easily handle texts of any size, is easily readable in dense matter and truly comes to life in headlines where it transforms to attract attention with its geometric character.

Hauss is the typeface of the future. It easily replaces all existing neo-grotesque faces as it is simply impossible to find a typeface that is more neutral than Hauss.

Character set includes an expanded Cyrillic alphabet, Latin alphabet, symbols and special characters. Also included are the less used but very useful symbols such as case-sensitive glyphs, fractions, superscript and subscript numbers.

Case-sensitive glyphs allow to type, for example, codes and phone numbers. They are vertically aligned with digits and give the text a steady and confident rhythm.

Hauss is a modern typeface with an endless range of styles. Its complete neutrality allows it to work in absolutely all cases where a typeface is required.

Also created was a version for use in screen graphics.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

ALS Hauss Black Italic
ALS Hauss Black
ALS Hauss Bold Italic
ALS Hauss Bold
ALS Hauss Book Italic
ALS Hauss Book
ALS Hauss Hairline Italic
ALS Hauss Hairline
ALS Hauss Light Italic
ALS Hauss Light
ALS Hauss Medium Italic
ALS Hauss Medium
ALS Hauss Regular Italic
ALS Hauss Regular
ALS Hauss Thin Italic
ALS Hauss Thin
ALS Hauss Variable


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Als Hauss Super Family [17 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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