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Anelo Super Family [16 Fonts]

Anelo Super Family [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Anelo:

Anelo is about beauty with objectivity. A handmade sans serif with a humanist style. 889 Latin and Greek glyphs covering lots of Western and Eastern European alphabets.

You can use Anelo from a LaTeX equation (there are 117 Greek/Coptic glyphs; please see image #6 in the gallery for an example of an Anelo/Computer Modern combination) to billboards and traffic signs. Its crisp, upright, handmade aspect takes communication to a direct and personal level.

Anelo has some important OpenType features, like: kerning, standard ligatures, old style/tabular/proportinal figures and diagonal fractions. There are 25 currency symbols, including Euro ₠ €, Shekel ₪ and Bitcoin ₿.

Anelo is composed in CFF (Postscript outlines) technology, which gives smaller file sizes and more eficient rendering in the Web.

Each Anelo style has a condensed version, which gives room to many interesting combinations. For best results on screen, the Semibold Family is recommended.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

  1. Anelo Bold
  2. Anelo Bold Italic
  3. Anelo Condensed
  4. Anelo Condensed Bold
  5. Anelo Condensed Bold Italic
  6. Anelo Condensed Italic
  7. Anelo Condensed Light
  8. Anelo Condensed Light Italic
  9. Anelo Condensed Semibold
  10. Anelo Condensed Semibold Italic
  11. Anelo Italic
  12. Anelo Light
  13. Anelo Light Italic
  14. Anelo Regular
  15. Anelo Semibold
  16. Anelo Semibold Italic

Normal Price:

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