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Antonia Super Family [46 Fonts]

Antonia Super Family [46 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Antonia Super Family [46 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Antonia is an original type family of 46 font, 7 weights and 4 optical sizes. Born in the middle of the Alps, Antonia is as modern as it is down to earth.

The multi-variant package includes text, display, and italic styles, looking crisp and perfect in all sizes and applications. Antonia is our first release available in Variable font format.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Antonia H1 Black
Antonia H1 Black Italic
Antonia H1 Bold
Antonia H1 Bold Italic
Antonia H1 Heavy
Antonia H1 Heavy Italic
Antonia H1 Light
Antonia H1 Light Italic
Antonia H1 Medium
Antonia H1 Medium Italic
vAntonia H1 Regular
Antonia H1 Regular Italic
Antonia H1 SemiBold
Antonia H1 SemiBold Italic
Antonia H2 Bold
Antonia H2 Bold Italic
Antonia H2 Heavy
Antonia H2 Heavy Italic
Antonia H2 Light
Antonia H2 Light Italic
Antonia H2 Medium
Antonia H2 Medium Italic
Antonia H2 Regular
Antonia H2 Regular Italic
Antonia H2 SemiBold
Antonia H2 SemiBold Italic
Antonia H3 Bold
Antonia H3 Bold Italic
Antonia H3 Heavy
Antonia H3 Heavy Italic
Antonia H3 Light
Antonia H3 Light Italic
Antonia H3 Medium
Antonia H3 Medium Italic
Antonia H3 Regular
Antonia H3 Regular Italic
Antonia H3 SemiBold
Antonia H3 SemiBold Italic
Antonia Text Bold
Antonia Text Bold Italic
Antonia Text Medium
Antonia Text Medium Italic
Antonia Text Regular
Antonia Text Regular Italic
Antonia Text SemiBold
Antonia Text SemiBold Italic


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Antonia Super Family [46 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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