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Aquus [6 Fonts]

Aquus [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Aquus :

Aquus is a contemporary all-caps display font that refines the elegance of a classic Didone with experimental interventions. Geometric elements and subtle details are found in its letters, many of which connect to ligatures. Most alternate glyphs can be switched automatically by use of the Stylistic Set function in OpenType-supporting applications, others you can access manually via the glyphs palette.

You may try Aquus Linearis as a fashionable outline variant, which reveals its beauty especially when combined with imagery.

Use them best for concise strings of characters, such as logotypes, packaging or magazine titles.

Aquus Simplex is their sober companion, based on the same letterforms, minus the geometric ornaments and conjunctions.

Fonts included:

  1. Aquus Italic
  2. Aquus Linearis
  3. Aquus Linearis Italic
  4. Aquus Regular
  5. Aquus Simplex
  6. Aquus Simplex Italic

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