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Asfen Display [4 Fonts]

Asfen Display [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Asfen Display:

Asfen Display was born from the contrast between human and machine. Through this typeface, the sensitive, dreamy and poetic characteristics of human and his art is contrasted with the massive, brutal and rigid attributes of the machine.

To express this idea, I was based on a strong contrast in the letter itself by drawing downstrokes and upstrokes very marked. Downstrokes are very massive, they make the letter sit giving it a heavy and rigid appearance. Conversely, upstrokes are very thin and much less rigid, they refer to the fragile and sensitive nature of man. The contrast of the letters is reversed to highlight the fact that this is the machine that become the artist.

Fonts Included:

  1. Asfen Expanded
  2. Asfen Extra Expanded
  3. Asfen Regular
  4. Asfen Semi Expanded

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Asfen Display

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