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Aukim Super Family [53 Fonts]

Aukim Super Family [53 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Aukim:

Aukim is an exceptional, unique and ligature-rich font that gives a new look to your texts. It is a more text-oriented font and thanks to its OpenType features, it becomes versatile.

It is available in 3 sub-families (condensed, normal and extended) for a total of 54 fonts. There are 9 weights with their real italics. It has 886 glyphs, 107 uppercase and 65 lowercase ligatures per font. It also offers a wide range of languages, from Latin to Cyrillic, as well as powerful OpenType features such as meticulously and professionally maintained kerning, stylistic variations, swashes, highly distinctive ligatures, old-fashioned tabular figures, fractions, denominators, superscripts, unlimited subscripts, arrows and much more to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

On the one hand, it has rounded curves with very open endings that make this font family noble, friendly and contemporary and on the other hand very useful for writing titles on any medium. Perfectly suitable for graphic design and any display use. It could easily work for web, signage, corporate design as well as editorial design.

Aukim is a cool, wonderful, elegant, bold and fun display font. It can easily be paired with an incredibly wide range of projects, so add it to your creative ideas and notice how it makes them stand out!

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. Aukim Black
  2. Aukim Black Condensed
  3. Aukim Black Condensed Italic
  4. Aukim Black Expanded
  5. Aukim Black Expanded Italic
  6. Aukim Black Italic
  7. Aukim Bold
  8. Aukim Bold Condensed
  9. Aukim Bold Condensed Italic
  10. Aukim Bold Expanded
  11. Aukim Bold Italic
  12. Aukim Condensed
  13. Aukim Condensed Italic
  14. Aukim Expanded
  15. Aukim Expanded Italic
  16. Aukim Extra Black
  17. Aukim Extra Black Condensed
  18. Aukim Extra Black Condensed Italic
  19. Aukim Extra Black Expanded
  20. Aukim Extra Black Expanded Italic
  21. Aukim Extra Black Italic
  22. Aukim Extra Bold
  23. Aukim Extra Bold Condensed
  24. Aukim Extra Bold Condensed Italic
  25. Aukim Extra Bold Expanded
  26. Aukim Extra Bold Expanded Italic
  27. Aukim Extra Bold Italic
  28. Aukim Extra Light
  29. Aukim Extra Light Condensed
  30. Aukim Extra Light Condensed Italic
  31. Aukim Extra Light Expanded
  32. Aukim Extra Light Expanded Italic
  33. Aukim Extra Light Italic
  34. Aukim Italic
  35. Aukim Light
  36. Aukim Light Condensed
  37. Aukim Light Condensed Italic
  38. Aukim Light Expanded
  39. Aukim Light Expanded Italic
  40. Aukim Light Italic
  41. Aukim Medium
  42. Aukim Medium Condensed
  43. Aukim Medium Condensed Italic
  44. Aukim Medium Expanded
  45. Aukim Medium Expanded Italic
  46. Aukim Medium Italic
  47. Aukim Regular
  48. Aukim Thin
  49. Aukim Thin Condensed
  50. Aukim Thin Condensed Italic
  51. Aukim Thin Expanded
  52. Aukim Thin Expanded Italic
  53. Aukim Thin Italic

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Aukim Super Family [53 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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