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Basier Mono [16 Fonts]

Basier Mono [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Basier Mono:

Basier Mono is based on the successful Basier font family. Inspired by the International Style, is a neo-grotesque sans serif typeface available in two variants, Circle & Square.

The result is a modern and neutral font family that is ideally suited for logotypes, branding, editorial design as well as web and screen design.

Fonts included:

  1. Basier Circle Mono Bold
  2. Basier Circle Mono Bold Italic
  3. Basier Circle Mono Medium
  4. Basier Circle Mono Medium Italic
  5. Basier Circle Mono Regular
  6. Basier Circle Mono Regular Italic
  7. Basier Circle Mono SemiBold
  8. Basier Circle Mono SemiBold Italic
  9. Basier Square Mono Bold
  10. Basier Square Mono Bold Italic
  11. Basier Square Mono Medium
  12. Basier Square Mono Medium Italic
  13. Basier Square Mono Regular
  14. Basier Square Mono Regular Italic
  15. Basier Square Mono SemiBold
  16. Basier Square Mono SemiBold Italic

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Download Basier Mono Family

Basier Mono

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