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Bazaruto [13 Fonts]

Bazaruto [13 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Bazaruto:

Our Bazaruto family was inspired by an old fashioned specimen from “Letters and Lettering” by Carlyle & Oring, but you’ll find the inspiration has been greatly expounded upon. What began as an all Capitals specimen has been fleshed out to an extended full character set with many features and variants from the original design.

Bazaruto has been an exercise in typographic evolution. The original Art Deco style spawned an Engraved version, then a Bodoni-esque text style, and then a monoline version of that text style (both of the latter complete with Obliques). But after that is when the real interpretations of form began with the development of the Iron fonts, playing off the original specimen having a visual flavor of wrought ironwork in them, and blending that into the Bodoni-esque typestyles. Lastly, a fast and loose hand drawn version of the Iron fonts and an ornaments font were created to add more variety and spunk to the family.

The Bazaruto family is a visual grab bag of styles which all have an underlying harmony.

Fonts included:

  1. Bazaruto
  2. Bazaruto Engraved
  3. Bazaruto Iron
  4. Bazaruto Iron Fill
  5. Bazaruto Iron Hand
  6. Bazaruto Iron Hand Fill
  7. Bazaruto Iron Hand Solid
  8. Bazaruto Iron Solid
  9. Bazaruto Ornaments
  10. Bazaruto Text
  11. Bazaruto Text Monoline
  12. Bazaruto Text Monoline Oblique
  13. Bazaruto Text Oblique

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