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BC Baseliner Super Family [4 Fonts]

Bc Baseliner Super Family [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Baseliner is a variable font. It allows typesetting with very tight linespacing, because the diacritics can be completely embedded (figuratively speaking, to be either dug into or sunken) into the body of the character. Incorporating the diacritics also leads to atypical solutions to the construction of the characters themselves. But the compactness of the typesetting is not only achieved by embedding the accents themselves – the variable shortening of the lower baseline (the “g,” “q,” and “p,” for example) create a compact letter block from the set text.

Baseliner’s second axis offers a spectrum of variations in width proportions – from condensed to highly extended options. Because of this, Baseliner perfectly fills graphic spaces in all directions, horizontally and vertically.

The construction of the typeface is robust. Its high contrast and geometric composition of strokes with pronounced horizontal shadowing enables the typeface to be used especially in display and title sizes.

Baseliner is offered in four extreme weights in the standard OpenType format, and especially in the advanced variable type format, enabling its maximum use from a spectrum of weights and shapes. A new weapon in the fight against non-compact lines is out in the world.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

BC Baseliner Condensed High
BC Baseliner Condensed Low
BC Baseliner Extended High
BC Baseliner Extended Low


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Bc Baseliner Super Family [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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