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Beatrix Antiqua Super Family [18 Fonts]

Beatrix Antiqua Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Beatrix Antiqua Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Beatrix Antiqua is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Francesco Canovaro. Beatrix Antiqua is part of the Beatrix Family that takes its inspiration from the classic Roman monumental capital model: its capitals are directly derived from the stone carvings in Florence Santa Croce Cathedral – where the serifs are often removed while keeping the variable width strokes. So, even if it’s basically a sans-serif, Beatrix keeps a subtle swelling at the terminals suggesting a glyphic serif – in the same vein as Herman Zapf classic Optima typeface. In the lowercase design, Beatrix references early humanist typefaces, keeping small calligraphic details (as the prolongation of the e nose) that are expecially visible in the italics.

While Beatrix Antiqua, the companion typeface to Beatrix Nova, slightly exaggerates its antique stylistical features, Beatrix Nova tries to mix those influence with a more robust & digital age ready design, featuring bigger X-height and an extended character set that covers over forty languages using the latin alphabet, as whell as Greek and Russian Cyrillic.

Fonts Included:

Beatrix Antiqua Black
Beatrix Antiqua BlackItalic
Beatrix Antiqua Bold
Beatrix Antiqua BoldItalic
Beatrix Antiqua ExtBdIta
Beatrix Antiqua ExtBlkIta
Beatrix Antiqua ExtraBlack
Beatrix Antiqua ExtraBold
Beatrix Antiqua Italic
Beatrix Antiqua Light
Beatrix Antiqua LightItalic
Beatrix Antiqua Medium
Beatrix Antiqua MediumItalic
Beatrix Antiqua Regular
Beatrix Antiqua SemiBold
Beatrix Antiqua SemiBoldItalic
Beatrix Antiqua Thin
Beatrix Antiqua ThinItalic


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Beatrix Antiqua Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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