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Belbo Super Family [24 Fonts]

Belbo Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Belbo comes with an extraordinary uniwidth feature, which sets this typeface family apart from other constructive linear grotesque typefaces. Maintaining the same character-width in all weights and slants enables the designer to change whole paragraphs into a different style/weight without changing the line break.

Because of the aspiration to keep the same width in all weights, some glyphs consequently developed their own dynamic. That results in Belbo’s very tight black and a quite free and airy looking hair weight. Belbo has stylistic alternates for f/ascender combinations as well as alternative shapes for a and g. For letters like i, l and I we chose distinct shapes which perfectly correspond with the uniwidth feature.

Fonts Included (.OTF) (no SemiLight):

Belbo Two
Belbo Hair
Belbo Thin
Belbo Extra Light
Belbo Light
Belbo Regular
Belbo Book
Belbo Medium
Belbo Semi Bold
Belbo Bold
Belbo Extra Bold
Belbo Black
Belbo Obique
Belbo Two Oblique
Belbo Hair Oblique
Belbo Thin Oblique
Belbo Extra Light Oblique
Belbo Light Oblique
Belbo Oblique
Belbo Book Obliqu
Belbo Medium Oblique
Belbo Semi Bold Oblique
Belbo Bold Oblique
Belbo Extra Bold Oblique
Belbo Black Oblique


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Belbo Super Family [24 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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