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Beletria Super Family [26 Fonts]

Beletria Super Family [26 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Beletria Super Family [26 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The goal of Beletria is to be a contemporary looking book typeface for fast reading (frankly, I was already bored of using of good old Baskerville for the volumes I illustrated recently). I needed an inconspicuous typographic element to combine with my pictures. The development of Beletria family took most of 2018 and resulted in 26 styles of classical proportions at 2 optical sizes. It has a large x-height and lively italics.

Naturally the usual array of OpenType features is present. Beletria is perfect for electronic publication as well.

Fonts Included (.ttf):

Beletria Bold
Beletria Bold Italic
Beletria ExtraLight
Beletria ExtraLight Italic
Beletria Heavy
Beletria Heavy Italic
Beletria Italic
Beletria Light
Beletria Light Italic
Beletria Medium
Beletria Medium Italic
Beletria Large
Beletria Large Bold
Beletria Large BoldItalic
Beletria Large ExtraLight
Beletria Large ExtraLight Italic
Beletria Large Heavy
Beletria Large Heavy Italic
Beletria Large Italic
Beletria Large Light
Beletria Large Light Italic
Beletria Large Medium
Beletria Large Medium Italic
Beletria Large Thin
Beletria Large Thin Italic


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Beletria Super Family [26 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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