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Beletrio Super Family [21 Fonts]

Beletrio Super Family [21 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Beletrio Super Family [21 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Beletrio was made as companion to Beletria, it has many shapes in common. We already have plenty of sans-serif fonts with classical proportions in the Stormtype library, such as John Sans, Sebastian or Andulka, but Beletrio is certainly the most peaceful of the bunch – it shares not only the feel of its serif originator, but its soft curves provide lovely visual caress as well.

The smooth endings are not visible at first, they are balanced for easy reading as they solve some critical relations such as “rv, ry, rt”, but in larger sizes you’ll fully enjoy the picturesque details. It handles the smallest point sizes as well as large billboards, fashion magazines and philosophic tractates.

Fonts Included (.TTF):

Beletrio Bold
Beletrio Bold Italic
Beletrio ExtraLight
Beletrio ExtraLight Italic
Beletrio Heavy
Beletrio Heavy Italic
Beletrio Italic
Beletrio Light
Beletrio Light Italic
Beletrio Medium
Beletrio Medium Italic
Beletrio Thin
Beletrio Thin Italic
Beletrio Condensed
Beletrio Condensed Bold
Beletrio Condensed ExtraLight
Beletrio Condensed Heavy
Beletrio Condensed Light
Beletrio Condensed Medium
Beletrio Condensed Thin


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Beletrio Super Family [21 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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