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Berthold Baskerville Book Super Family [4 Fonts]

Berthold Baskerville Book Super Family [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

When designing Berthold Baskerville Book, Günter Gerhard Lange analyzed and compared John Baskerville’s original type (1752–1757) and countless cuts based on the original design. Lange’s interpretation also took into account today’s printing and composing technology.

Compared to Berthold Baskerville, it is slightly lighter in weight and has more contrast in the strokes. The result is that Lange’s Baskerville is balanced yet maintains the beauty of the original design. Lange also acknowledged Baskerville’s background as a handwriting teacher with the graceful cursive capitals, particularly J, K, N, T, Y and Z.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Berthold Baskerville Book Italic
Berthold Baskerville Book Medium
Berthold Baskerville Book Medium Italic
Berthold Baskerville Book Regular


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Berthold Baskerville Book Super Family [4 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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