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Bianco Slab [12 Fonts]

Bianco Slab [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bianco Slab [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bianco Slab is a contemporary slab family of 6 weights (with true italics) designed by Rafael Jordán. Due to its humanist structure, Bianco Slab has a friendly reading experience, and the wide range of Latin languages covered & OpenType features makes it a very useful and efficient tool for editorial pourposes. But, as a good slab, its strength makes it suitable for headlines.

Special thanks to “El pacte de Xàtiva”, the family born from Cañas & Tipos, for help me and guide me with this font as well as a lot of things more in my life. Specially to Juanjo López and Pablo Bosch, who put up with me when I need put order in the chaos. I’m nobody without all of you!

Fonts Included:

Bianco Slab Bold
Bianco Slab BoldItalic
Bianco Slab ExtLtItaralight
Bianco Slab ExtraBold
Bianco Slab ExtraBoldItalic
Bianco Slab ExtraLightralight
Bianco Slab Italic
Bianco Slab Light
Bianco Slab LightItalic
Bianco Slab Regular
Bianco Slab SemiBold
Bianco Slab SemiBoldItalic


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