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Big [20 Fonts]

Big [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Big [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

BIG is an elegant condensed display font created for strong and impactful headlines. It comes from a series of hand printed specimens taken from wood type found in Andrew Howard’s Studio in Porto (Portugal). A wooden type that reassembles the industrial victorian style which has now been expanded to 20 cuts, ranging from ExtraLight to Bold, with Italics and a stencil version, covering all your needs for a striking visual effect just with plain type with distinctive features and personality, standing out from the crowded world of display sans serif.
The font was engineered with essential OpenType features, that allows the user to compose the headlines in two different heights, with case-sensitive punctuation, symbols and special ligatures such as “the”, “of” and “le”.

Fonts Included:

Big Bold Italic
Big Bold
Big Extra Light Italic
Big Extra Light
Big Italic
Big Light Italic
Big Light
Big Medium Italic
Big Medium
Big Regular
Big Stencil Bold Italic
Big Stencil Bold
Big Stencil Extra Light Italic
Big Stencil Extra Light
Big Stencil Italic
Big Stencil Light Italic
Big Stencil Light
Big Stencil Medium Italic
Big Stencil Medium
Big Stencil


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