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Bison [12 Fonts]

Bison [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bison [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bison is a sophisticated and strong family of sans serif fonts. Its sturdy uncompromising style is felt through controlled letterforms and modern touches. A balance of hard lines and smooth curves, each font in the family can stand on its own — dynamic and authoritative in its own right.


Bison includes ten all-caps fonts:

Four weights / Italics / Outlines / Numbers & Punctuation / Extensive Language Support

Bison Bold – bold and commanding

Bison Demibold – the persuasive middleweight

Bison Regular – a sturdy midground between light and bolds

Bison Light – quiet but confident

Bison Outline (Thick and Thin) – edgy and engaging


Bison works great in any branding, logos, magazines, films. The different weights give you full range to explore a whole host of applications, while the outlined fonts give a real modern feel to any project.

Fonts Included:

Bison Bold
Bison Bold Itallic
Bison Demi Bold
Bison Demi Bold Itallic
Bison Light
Bison Light Italic
Bison Regular
Bison Regular Italic
Bison Thick Outline
Bison Thick Outline Itallic
Bison Thin Outline
Bison Thin Outline Itallic


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