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Blue (Not) Mono [6 Fonts]

Blue (Not) Mono [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Blue (Not) Mono:

As a binary system, at the junction to two antagonist drawings, the Blue (Not) Mono typeface is an hybrid between the monospace and the humanistic sans-serif families.

Declined to several variants and weights: a true monospace and a proportional one, a roman and italic style, bold and the main purpose is obviously to maintain in the same time a calligraphic identity, and a computing legacy.

Fonts included:

  1. Blue Mono
  2. Blue Mono Bold
  3. Blue Not Mono
  4. Blue Not Mono Bold
  5. Blue Not Mono Bold Italic
  6. Blue Not Mono Italic

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Download Blue (Not) Mono Family

Blue (Not) Mono

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