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Bluu Suuperstar Super Family [8 Fonts]

Bluu Suuperstar Super Family [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Bluu Suuperstar:

Bluu Suuperstar is a brutalist serif typeface with prominent triangular-wedges for serifs.

The family’s lighter fonts are optimised to support long passages of text, while the heavier styles are best used in larger sizes. Despite the initial appearance of some of its letterforms, Bluu Suuperstar is a masterful variation on the Garalde-style serif typeface theme; even though that style of letter is one that has been repeatedly turned to for inspiration, designer Jean-Baptiste Morizot proves here that not all of those results need look the same.

The typeface’s letters have a tall x-height; the diamond dots are a chief characteristic of its design – not only on the “i” and “j,” but also in punctuation marks and diacritics. The lowercase “l” in each font includes a notch at the x-height on its left-hand side that mimics the other wedge-shaped serifs. The italic fonts have their own letter-construction model; they aren’t slanted versions of the uprights, and the result is calligraphic and dynamic.

Nothing in this family is soft or cuddly; Bluu Suuperstar is a sharp typeface, and you could cut things with its characters.

Fonts Included (.TTF):

  1. Bluu Suuperstar Regular
  2. Bluu Suuperstar Italic
  3. Bluu Suuperstar Medium
  4. Bluu Suuperstar Medium Italic
  5. Bluu Suuperstar Bold
  6. Bluu Suuperstar Bold Italic
  7. Bluu Suuperstar Black
  8. Bluu Suuperstar Black Italic

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Bluu Suuperstar


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