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Bonsai [2 Fonts]

Bonsai [2 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bonsai [2 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Years ago, I developed an interest in the Japanese art of dwarfed potted trees, bonsai. I bought some books on the subject from Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In one — Handbook on Bonsai: Special Techniques (seventh printing, February 1976) — the type was bad. Old worn lead type, I suspect, spread wide in the tops of characters and disappearing on the bottoms.

Two decades later, I came across my Brooklyn Botanic Garden collection and was struck again by this interesting type. Inspired, I made a typeface. Didn’t take me long to decide on a name for it, either: a name with a double-meaning, based both on its look and its inspiration.

Bonsai, the typeface, has two styles, a roman and a true italic.

Fonts Included:

Bonsai Italic


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