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Bouwsma Text [8 Fonts]

Bouwsma Text [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bouwsma Text [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bouwsma Text is what Roman type would look like if it had been designed by calligraphers instead of metalworkers. The formal harmony of the Roman capitals, with tapered stems, graduated curves and serifs which are natural entrances and exits for the broad pen. These serifs seamlessly work in relativity with the stroke weight, decreasing in size when the stroke increases.

The above is extended to the minuscule book hand. This lower case has evolved with the knowledge of its history in a seamless web from the uncial and half-uncial, the Carolingian bookhand and its profusion of styles, finally merging with the capitals in the sober, tempered forms of modern use. The moving calligraphic stroke brings life and instant familiarity to the letters, combining classical legibility and proportion with the warmth and presence of a manuscript.

Bouwmsa Text is available in all popular font formats, and its character set covers a wide range of codepages, including Central and Eastern European languages, Esperanto, Turkish, Baltic, Celtic/Welsh.

Fonts Included:

Bouwsma Text Regular
Bouwsma Text Italic
Bouwsma Text Medium
Bouwsma Text Medium Italic
Bouwsma Text SemiBold
Bouwsma Text SemiBold Italic
Bouwsma Text Bold
Bouwsma Text Bold Italic


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