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Brice [30 Fonts]

Brice [30 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Brice refers to cultural products of the 80s such as music, art, literature, fashion, dance, film, that are consumed by the majority of society population. The Characteristic of Brice are in the small bouncy serif with a dynamic contrast, like R, B, S, K, P, etc. Perfect for Logotype, Caption, & Header.

Brice are available in 5 Widths (Condensed – SemiCondensed – Normal – SemiExpanded – Expanded) with matches 6 weights (ExtraLight – Light – Normal – SemiBold – Bold – Black) and support for 75+ language.

Fonts Included:

Brice Black
Brice Black Condensed
Brice Black Expanded
Brice Black Semi Condensed
Brice Black Semi Expanded
Brice Bold
Brice Bold Condensed
Brice Bold Expanded
Brice Bold Semi Condensed
Brice Bold Semi Expanded
Brice Extra Light
Brice Extra Light Condensed
Brice Extra Light Expanded
Brice Extra Light Semi Condensed
Brice Extra Light Semi Expanded
Brice Light
Brice Light Condensed
Brice Light Expanded
Brice Light Semi Condensed
Brice Light Semi Expanded
Brice Regular
Brice Regular Condensed
Brice Regular Expanded
Brice Regular Semi Condensed
Brice Regular Semi Expanded
Brice Semi Bold
Brice Semi Bold Condensed
Brice Semi Bold Expanded
Brice Semi Bold Semi Condensed
Brice Semi Bold Semi Expanded


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