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Brignola [2 Fonts]

Brignola [2 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Reading some book of typography inspired me to creating an elegant font. Calligraphy in specific. And I think the calligraphy have an advantage for the alternate characters, It has a tons to explore in just one letter. My exploration of this fonts as not easy as my imagination, it took several trial and errors to find the perfect balance for this style.

Some of the letters have more alternate than others, it is fine because the limitations of the shape of the letters, it must stay readable and legible. Every letter that i’ve chose are only the best on it and fit with the character style.

In total, Brignola has more than 1000 Glyphs inside.
Features included are previewed on the display, it contains :

– Contextual Alternates

– Stylistic Alternates

– Ligature

– Discretionary Ligatures

– Initial &Final Swash

– Isolated Forms

Fonts Included:

Brignola PUA Script


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