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Bw Nista Geometric Super Family [14 Fonts]

Bw Nista Geometric Super Family [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Bw Nista Geometric:

Bw Nista is a clean modernist sans serif font family. Designed to provide a neutral tone of voice, it comes in three different sets each with subtle features portraying different personalities.

Bw Nista Grotesk‘s clean shapes are peppered with subdued quirky details, marrying the more human feel of the early grotesques from the 19th Century with a contemporary approach. Bw Nista International taps into the utterly functional grid-based Swiss style thanks to its strict and rational shapes, removing all quirkiness of its Grotesk sibling, while Bw Nista Geometric offers a minimalistic interpretation of the genre, achieving an even simpler and cleaner feel.

Designed by Alberto Romanos, all three variations of Bw Nista are available in 7 weights from the elegant Thin to the authoritative Black with matching oblique italics, providing a very functional palette for the task at hand. It supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features like ligatures, old style and tabular figures or case sensitive forms among others.

Fonts Included (.OTF & .TTF):

  1. Bw Nista Geometric Black
  2. Bw Nista Geometric Black Italic
  3. Bw Nista Geometric Bold
  4. Bw Nista Geometric Bold Italic
  5. Bw Nista Geometric Extra Bold
  6. Bw Nista Geometric Extra Bold Italic
  7. Bw Nista Geometric Light
  8. Bw Nista Geometric Light Italic
  9. Bw Nista Geometric Medium
  10. Bw Nista Geometric Medium Italic
  11. Bw Nista Geometric Regular
  12. Bw Nista Geometric Regular Italic
  13. Bw Nista Geometric Thin
  14. Bw Nista Geometric Thin Italic

Normal Price:

– – – >Bw Nista Geometric is a Super Family that normally costs $201 to purchase < – – –

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Bw Nista Geometric


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