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CAL Bodoni Casale Super Family [14 Fonts]

Cal Bodoni Casale Super Family [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

This typeface has been beloved throughout history. Bodoni used it to print his first masterwork, but it has never before been publicly available. Now available for the first time, CAL Bodoni Casale has been painstakingly crafted from hi-res scans of 4 original Bodoni printings.

Besides it’s authentic origins, Casale’s 21st century debut includes Features & Alternates never seen before, including Frankenfont (giving the font 6 fun alternative uses with 1 click!). Other alternates, such as the $ and €, give the user options when styling their work. Various word and letter spacing options are also automatically included so the user can choose to preserve Bodoni’s original spacings or go with a more modern look.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

CAL Bodoni Casale Black
CAL Bodoni Casale Black Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Bold
CAL Bodoni Casale Bold Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Heavy
CAL Bodoni Casale Heavy Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Medium
CAL Bodoni Casale Medium Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Quasi Lite
CAL Bodoni Casale Quasi Lite Italic
CAL Bodoni Casale Regular
CAL Bodoni Casale Semibold
CAL Bodoni Casale Semibold Italic


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Cal Bodoni Casale Super Family [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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