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CAL Bodoni Terracina Super Family [6 Fonts]

Cal Bodoni Terracina Super Family [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Bodoni Terracina is a legible, fun-formal script face, with lots of curls.

Sometimes script faces are hard to read. Sometimes being formal means that there’s no personality and there’s no fun.

Enter Terracina: one of the masterpieces of font design. Some of the most personable italics ever carved.

Includes powerful new features for:

• Dates

• Pricings

• Addresses

Not is only Terracina formal but fun, but it’s also fun to use!

In a program like Adobe Indesign or Illustrator, just highlight a word and see lots of fun options.

Bodoni himself etched these symbols, and his fun-loving personality shines through.

As a semi-script, it can go together with many script fonts, but it is more readable. When you need something equal parts elegant and whimsical, Terracina strikes a perfect balance to let the fun shine through, such as for holiday designs or fairytales.

Terracina is a subheads font, but Bodoni also used it for paragraphs. So Terracina works well doing subhead paragraphs, especially when contrasting with the mood of the first font. And because of the swash variety, it works well for setting German and other European languages.

CAL Bodoni Terracina is a member of our Origins Series. Origin Fonts are designed to be true to the original designer’s intentions and fonts. Our Bodoni origin fonts ARE Bodoni fonts, not imitations or interpretations. They were drawn by Bodoni, our team just expanded it for modern use. For Terracina, Bodoni’s original weight is the “Quasi-Lite” option, all other weights have been meticulously matched by the CAL Origins Team.

Fonts Included (.OTF):



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Cal Bodoni Terracina Super Family [6 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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