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Capraia Super Family [14 Fonts]

Capraia Super Family [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Capraia:

Capraia is a book typeface, with a heavily quirky look when shown at big sizes, and with an irregular but attractive rhythm at text sizes. Capraia Book and Regular are designed specifically for continuous texts: Book meets a current preference of Italian publishers for lighter faces, while the slightly heavier Regular is intended for the wider international market.

True to its vocation for publishing, Capraia has a big x-height, medium contrast and wide bracketed serifs. Furthermore, its slightly flattened curves, some unconventional roman letterforms (a, G, Q) and the ‘slanted roman’ italics, along with design details such as ball terminals, give to the whole family a very contemporary appeal.

Originally the design was intended as a tribute to Caslon’s Great Primer but at a certain point the designer was enthralled by Baskerville. Capraia is the unpredicted and original result of that intense experience.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

  1. Capraia Bold
  2. Capraia Bold Italic
  3. Capraia Book
  4. Capraia Book Italic
  5. Capraia Extra Light
  6. Capraia Extra Light Italic
  7. Capraia Italic
  8. Capraia Light
  9. Capraia Light Italic
  10. Capraia Medium
  11. Capraia Medium Italic
  12. Capraia Regular
  13. Capraia Semi Bold
  14. Capraia Semi Bold Italic

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