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Centra No.1 Super Family [16 Fonts]

Centra No.1 Super Family [16 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Centra No.1:

Josh Finklea’s Centra series is a study in utility and restraint. In keeping with his approach of iteration and improvement to the traditional typographic tools of graphic design, Finklea’s latest work tackles one of typography’s most popular genres, the geometric sans.

Instead of strict adherence to a formal geometric structure, Finklea’s approach to the Bauhaus model is largely aesthetic. While Futura and other historical models of the genre were designed as distilled typographic expressions of modernism, Centra acts as a contemporary typographic expression with modernist characteristics.

Centra emphasizes texture and readability over conceptual rationale, attributes that can be frustratingly elusive when using many strictly geometric sans-serif typefaces.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

  1. Centra No.1 Black
  2. Centra No.1 Black Italic
  3. Centra No.1 Extrabold
  4. Centra No.1 Extrabold Italic
  5. Centra No.1 Bold
  6. Centra No.1 Bold Italic
  7. Centra No.1 Medium
  8. Centra No.1 Medium Italic
  9. Centra No.1 Book
  10. Centra No.1 Book Italic
  11. Centra No.1 Light
  12. Centra No.1 Light Italic
  13. Centra No.1 Thin
  14. Centra No.1 Thin Italic
  15. Centra No.1 Hairline
  16. Centra No.1 Hairline Italic

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Centra No.1


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