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Cinta Super Family [20 Fonts]

Cinta Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

We are really happy to introduce you to Cinta, a brand new elegant sans serif font designed for text. It has a humanistic skeleton, dressed up with a hand-made mechanical suit, which made it rush, audacious. A dedicated tribute to the breakdown of mestizo music rhythm, bright, dreamy but completely real.

Full of a broad variety of weights and versions, it’s able to produce subtle changes in the typographic stain. Perfect to make delicate hierarchy both in web and text and show the world their family background undoubtedly.

Prudent and thrifty, condensed forms and with a generous x-height, it almost accidentally saves space and avoids being a spendthrift. Discreet even in the italic, slightly slanted to produce a subtle change of look on web use, will make a delightful for the most exquisite users with the audacity of modernity. Classic but not silly.

Generous in abundance, with small caps, old numerals, denominators and numerators, fractions, ligatures, all you need to survive in the new modern life of Opentype with elegance. Polyglot, with support for Latin languages, Central European and Cyrillic.

A delicate friend who will delight ladies and gentlemen who are discerning and cosmopolitan.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Cinta Black
Cinta Black Italic
Cinta Bold
Cinta Bold Italic
Cinta Book
Cinta Book Italic
Cinta ExtraLight
Cinta ExtraLight Italic
Cinta Hair
Cinta Hair Italic
Cinta Heavy
Cinta Heavy Italic
Cinta Italic
Cinta Light
Cinta Light Italic
Cinta Medium
Cinta Medium Italic
Cinta SemiBold
Cinta SemiBold Italic


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Cinta Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


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