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Claire Super Family [12 Fonts]

Claire Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Claire:

Claire is a family of fonts with sturdy serifs. Several of the weights in the family are optimal for setting large amounts of running texts; the extreme light and heavy fonts, on the other hand, work great together in display applications.

The letterforms in Claire have a vertical axis, and their design is reminiscent of contemporary newspaper fonts, as well as late-nineteenth century typefaces along the Century model.

Claire includes 12 styles ranging in weight from Thin to Black. Each of those six weights has a companion italic font, too. Claire’s letterforms feature thick slab-like serifs that are bracketed onto their stems. Since the proportions of its uppercase letters are nineteenth-century, they optically feel like they are all almost the same width. The same is true for the numerals, which share the same height as the capitals.

The numerals include nice, decorative features, such as flag-like strokes on the bottom of the ‘2’ and the top of the ‘7’. The ascenders of Claire’s lowercase letters rise slightly above the tops of the uppercase letters and numerals. Claire}s x-height is also rather tall. The lowercase ‘g’ in the upright fonts, which is double-storey, has a lovely ear that ascends above the x-height.

In the italic fonts, both the ‘a’ and the ‘g’ are single-storey. The italic letterforms also feature especially-prominent ball terminals.

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. Claire Black
  2. Claire Black Italic
  3. Claire Bold
  4. Claire Bold Italic
  5. Claire Extrabold
  6. Claire Extrabold Italic
  7. Claire Italic
  8. Claire Light
  9. Claire Light Italic
  10. Claire Regular
  11. Claire Thin
  12. Claire Thin Italic

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Claire Super Family [12 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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