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Clear Sans Super Family [20 Fonts]

Clear Sans Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master


Clear Sans™ is a… wait for it… rational geometric sans serif. It is intended to fill a niche… to provide an alternative to the somewhat based-on-vernacular signage, somewhat geometric sans. I hear the word vernacular thrown around too much and too loosely. If a typeface is based in the vernacular, based on hand-painted or hand-crafted signage, then it should be based on the movements of the hand, retain that warmth and not on a pretty geometric model. For me, clean, geometric and precise doesn’t have to be cold and expressionless.

The original skeleton was hand-painted in 2008 to help determine and inform my decisions going forward. The typeface was completed shortly afterwards at the behest of an old friend for their identity. As usual, I expanded it, but considered retiring it since there were so many things similar out there. Years later, I had a chance to rediscover it and came to the conclusion that it could be improved, expanded in a logical and useful way, and introduced.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Clear Sans Black
Clear Sans Black Italic
Clear Sans Bold
Clear Sans Bold Italic
Clear Sans Book
Clear Sans Book Italic
Clear Sans ExtraLight
Clear Sans ExtraLight Italic
Clear Sans ExtraThin
Clear Sans ExtraThin Italic
Clear Sans Light
Clear Sans Light Italic
Clear Sans Medium
Clear Sans Medium Italic
Clear Sans SemiBold
Clear Sans SemiBold Italic
Clear Sans Thin
Clear Sans Thin Italic
Clear Sans Ultra
Clear Sans Ultra Italic


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Clear Sans Super Family [20 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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