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Click [34 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Click [34 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

by Etewut in Fonts Sans Serif

Introducing new font family Click which is based on sans serif font.

It has 33 different fonts:

width is from thin to heavy
regular, italic, stroked, italic stroked
TTF and OTF files are included
multi language support
kerned with microscope
bonus display font Click stripes

Fonts Included:

Click black
Click Bold
Click Bolditalic
Click BolditalicStroked
Click BoldStroked
Click ExtraBold
Click ExtraBolditalic
Click ExtraBolditalicStroked
Click ExtraBoldStroked
Click Light
Click LightItalic
Click Lightitalicstroked
Click LightStroked
Click Medium
Click Mediumitalic
Click Mediumitalicstroked
Click Mediumstroked
Click Regular
Click Regular italic
Click Regular italic stroked
Click regular stroked
Click SemiBold
Click SemiBolditalic
Click SemiBolditalicStroked
Click SemiBoldStroked
Click stripes
Click thin
Click thin italic
Click thin italic stroked
Click thin Stroked
Click UltraLight
Click Ultralight italic
Click UltraLight Stroked
Click UltraLightItalicStroked


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