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CoFo Chimera Super Family [5 Fonts]

Cofo Chimera Super Family [5 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About CoFo Chimera:

CoFo Chimera is the most beautiful monster you’ve ever seen. It is an experiment in bringing dynamism and beauty into the traditional reversed contrast typefaces, which remind us of Western movies. Historically these typefaces were intentionally created to be ugly, their letterforms were designed as the opposite of the elegant classics, their weirdness was deliberately challenging expectations and grabbing attention.

Defying the rules once more, CoFo Chimera twists this quirky concept into an elegant and versatile type family. Influenced by calligraphy with a broad-nib tool held at a steep 45° angle, the quirkiness is suddenly transformed into friendliness. Intended especially for display use, the typeface includes 3 high-contrast statement styles and 2 low-contrast companions. The low-contrast styles retain the same daring character, but are adjusted to perform well in smaller sizes.

All the styles in the family are based on the same concept and share certain common characteristics, nevertheless each one of them is drawn completely from scratch and brings its uniqueness to the mix.

Fonts Included (OTF):

  1. CoFo Chimera Regular
  2. CoFo Chimera Regular Italic
  3. CoFo Chimera Bold
  4. CoFo Chimera Bold Italic
  5. CoFo Chimera Black

Normal Price:

– – – > CoFo Chimera is a Super Family that normally costs $315 to purchase < – – –

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Cofo Chimera Super Family [5 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Cofo Chimera


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