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Colporteur [7 Fonts]

Colporteur [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Colporteur [7 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

A Colporteur is a peddler of books, newspapers, and similar literature. When I was young, we often got visits from colporteurs – mostly they wanted to sell us a very expensive encyclopedia. I haven’t seen them for a while – the internet probably killed their trade, as there are numerous free encyclopedias out there. Colporteur font won’t try to sell you stuff – it basically sells itself. It is a jolly serif family of 6 styles plus a very useful doodle style full of arrows. Use it to sell your encyclopedia online, write a book and use if for the cover or create a ‘hunt the colporteur’ game.

Comes with an encyclopedic knowledge of diacritics too!

Fonts Included:

Colporteur Fat Italic
Colporteur Fat Regular
Colporteur Italic
Colporteur Narrow Italic
Colporteur Narrow Regular
Colporteur Pointers Regular
Colporteur Regular


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