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Dank Mono

About Dank Mono:

You might’ve seen “Dank Mono” recently. A couple of months ago I started to work on creating an entirely new coding font from scratch. There were a couple of motivations behind some of the design decisions that I’ve made along the way, and how better to explain them than in a concise post?
Early preview of the font with its basic glyphs, See:

I am not a typographer nor a designer. However, I am a developer, and I care deeply about my everyday work environment and the code I look at for multiple hours a day. I learned the basics of typography slowly but steadily with the goal of creating “Dank Mono”. It has been a tedious process of reading every I article I could find, iterating slowly, sketching glyphs and discarding drafts, but in April 2018 I was finally able to release my font publicly.

Initially, you might compare Dank Mono to other coding fonts you know, Fira Code, Monoid, Operator Mono, or countless others, but the goals of each of these fonts are quite different. I can’t speak for every typographer who created a coding font, but I can explain my specific considerations of how I designed mine. I believe that Dank Mono has a unique idea that will set it apart.

Fonts included:

  1. Dank Mono Regular
  2. Dank Mono Italic

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Download Dank Mono Family

Dank Mono

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