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Danton [14 Fonts]

Danton [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

171278 []

Danton is a serif dominated face with a crisp and distinct graphical flavor. Designed especially for use in magazines and newspapers, It is superb in headlines and, because of its solid structure, it is also an excellent choice for text applications.

The Danton family consists of 14 styles and is well suited for ambitious typography. It comes in OpenType format with extended language support. All weights contain small caps, ordinals, ligatures, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals, and arrows.

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Danton [14 Fonts] | The Fonts Master



Danton Black
Danton Black Italic
Danton Bold
Danton Bold Italic
Danton Extra Bold
Danton Extra Bold Italic
Danton Extra Light
Danton Extra Light Italic
Danton Italic
Danton Light
Danton Light Italic
Danton Medium
Danton Medium Italic
Danton Regular

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