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Deus is when type design is brought to extreme. It tries to answer the question whether you can design all glyphs in one axis of stress. It does not try to be all purpose, useful at all sizes, legible or readable and most of all it does not try to be neutral. It has its own style you either accept or not. But if you do so, it has many great stuff inside. Every glyph has the same width across four masters, so you can change the style in one title or even make an animation out of that. It also has some cool animated emojis, so make sure you take all four styles!

Deus has two sets of styles. “Deus” that has an expanded glyph set, and “Deus Basic” that comes with a limited glyph set. You can play around with “Deus Basic” since you get it for free, then fall in love with this font family and go for the full version.

Fonts Included:

  1. Deus 0
  2. Deus 45
  3. Deus 90
  4. Deus 135
  5. Deus Basic 0
  6. Deus Basic 45
  7. Deus Basic 90
  8. Deus Basic 135

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