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Didac Super Family [10 Fonts]

Didac Super Family [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Didac is a serif family whose letters follow the archetype for ‘modern’ or Didone-style serif faces. They feature a vertical axis and are high-contrast. However, Didac’s structure has a different ductus than some of the most-common moderns; it has a more humanist feeling and is closer to transitional typefaces like Baskerville than one might expect. The family has five weights on offer, ranging from Light through Black. Each weight has a companion italic, too. Didac is a typeface for displays purposes like headlines, but it is efficient in short texts, too. The more extreme weights – like the Thin and Black – are especially suited for headlines and display typography, while the Regular and Italic styles are more likely to hold up well in book and magazine typesetting. As a modern or Didone-style serif, Didac’s letterforms have a vertical axis. The character set includes a number of glyphs helpful for formal typography. For example, each of the ten fonts include small caps and several figure styles, such as including lining and oldstyle figures, as well as numerators & denominators for fractions, etc. There are also superscript letterforms, case-sensitive punctuation, and 40 ligatures. too. Didac’s Italic fonts are ‘true Italics,’ rather than obliques; their letterforms are not just slanted. Instead, they have each been redesigned, in a more flowing cursive style of letter. This gives text set in Italics and added layer of differentiation to text set in any of the upright fonts. Didac’s x-height is not noticeably ‘large’; its ascenders extend a hair’s breath above the height of the capitals. Didac was developed by the Spanish designer Rafael Jordan Oliver.

Fonts Included (.OTF):

Didac Bold Italic
Didac Bold
Didac Italic
Didac Light
Didac Light Italic
Didac Medium Italic
Didac Medium
Didac Regular
Didac Semibold Italic
Didac Semibold


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Didac Super Family [10 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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