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About DR-Analog:

DR-Analog : I’ve been a piano and keyboard player since I was at high school and I’ve always been interested in the unique and retro typefaces used to brand certain models. Since then I have gathered as many examples as I could find and finally decided to put them to use as the inspiration to create my own synth inspired typeface.

I looked at how certain glyphs were drawn and commonalities between different synths, many of the typefaces were outlined and had a space age vibe. I used this as the starting point to create my own outlined typeface cut from a bold slab serif. I developed the typeface further by removing sections of the outline to echo wires, circuits and sound-waves.

This process gave Analog its unique form and makes it perfect for use on large headline copy where you need your titles to stand out. Setting it on bright colours or running fluro inks though the typeface lifts it further and adds real character to any design.

PLEASE NOTE – Analog is in re-development so is only currently in support of English basic typesetting!

Fonts Included:

  1. DR-Analog

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