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Drive Prop Super Family [18 Fonts]

Drive Prop Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

About Drive Prop:

Drive Prop: Because monospaced typefaces may be hard to read on the long run, we created a Proportional version of Drive Mono, tuned for running text.

Drive Prop a humanist sans, optimised for use in print and on screen. Its letterforms have open counters, helping text remain clear – even under adverse reading conditions. Its characters are drawn with virtually-monolinear strokes. The family includes nine different weights (Hairline through Extrabold) with corresponding upright and italic fonts.

While Drive Prop is optimised for use in small sizes, the extreme weights are well-suited for headlines and large-sized text.

Each font’s character set has over 500 glyphs, including directional arrows and pre-composed fractions, as well as both lining and oldstyle figures.

Fonts Included (TTF):

  1. Drive Prop Hairline
  2. Drive Prop Hairline Italic
  3. Drive Prop Thin
  4. Drive Prop Thin Italic
  5. Drive Prop Extralight
  6. Drive Prop Extralight Italic
  7. Drive Prop Light
  8. Drive Prop Light Italic
  9. Drive Prop Regular
  10. Drive Prop Italic
  11. Drive Prop Book
  12. Drive Prop Book Italic
  13. Drive Prop Medium
  14. Drive Prop Medium Italic
  15. Drive Prop Bold
  16. Drive Prop Bold Italic
  17. Drive Prop Extrabold
  18. Drive Prop Extrabold Italic

Normal Price:

– – – >Drive Prop is a Super Family that normally costs $756 to purchase < – – –

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Drive Prop Super Family [18 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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Drive Prop


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