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Dulcian Super Family [36 Fonts]

Dulcian Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Dulcian Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

Inspired by the Appalachian culture of the Southeastern United States, the finely tuned forms of Dulcian strike a clear, empowering chord with your audience. This energetic and fresh sans serif flows fast and smooth with its simple lines and slight hand-written character. All total, there are six weights, with complementary italics and three different widths.

Dulcian supports OpenType features and is packaged with unicase alternates, unconnected alternates, ligatures, old-fashioned figures, fractions, titling and small caps. Preview any and all of these features in the interactive PDF manual. The Dulcian family of fonts also includes glyphs for 72 languages, providing you with more than 600 glyphs per font.

While designed especially for pull quotes, this display typeface can be used for a variety of applications. Dulcian is an excellent choice for websites as well as flyers and packaging. Other uses include coffee, menus, awards, certificates where a touch of humanity and personalization is needed.

Fonts Included:

Dulcian Condensed Bold Italic
Dulcian Condensed Bold
Dulcian Condensed Book Italic
Dulcian Condensed Book
Dulcian Condensed Demi Italic
Dulcian Condensed Demi
Dulcian Condensed Light Italic
Dulcian Condensed Light
Dulcian Condensed Medium Italic
Dulcian Condensed Medium
Dulcian Condensed Regular Italic
Dulcian Condensed Regular
Dulcian Extended Bold Italic
Dulcian Extended Bold
Dulcian Extended Book Italic
Dulcian Extended Book
Dulcian Extended Demi Italic
Dulcian Extended Demi
Dulcian Extended Light Italic
Dulcian Extended Light
Dulcian Extended Medium Italic
Dulcian Extended Medium
Dulcian Extended Regular Italic
Dulcian Extended Regular
Dulcian Normal Bold Italic
Dulcian Normal Bold
Dulcian Normal Book Italic
Dulcian Normal Book
Dulcian Normal Demi Italic
Dulcian Normal Demi
Dulcian Normal Light Italic
Dulcian Normal Light
Dulcian Normal Medium Italic
Dulcian Normal Medium
Dulcian Normal Regular Italic
Dulcian Normal Regular


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Dulcian Super Family [36 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

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