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Enagol Math [8 Fonts]

Enagol Math [8 Fonts] | The Fonts Master

The Enagol Math family consists of 4 weight plus True italics. It is a typeface with rounded Slab-Serif of semi-condensed proportion.

I have composed all the proportions of the font based on a study of mathematical proportions related to the golden sequences of Perrin, Lucas and Fibonacci.

For the Italic versions I have drawn a complete set of lowercase letters that give these fonts an aspect close to the Italic writing. In these versions I have also applied many optical corrections to balance the deformations created in many curves by the mere inclination of the letters, which in the case of this type is 11°.

Fonts Included:

Enagol Math Bold
Enagol Math Bold Italic
Enagol Math Italic
Enagol Math Light
Enagol Math Light Italic
Enagol Math Medium
Enagol Math Medium Italic
Enagol Math Regular


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